It is interesting how all my interviews and emails back for internships are happening all at once! Super excited to have options from marketing, media and public relations. I just want it all. 

Two hours of sleep

Two classes

Two meetings

One exam 

An assignment

This year is winding down fast and I am glad it is but this is too much. I am literally just looking forward to going home.

Literally do not understand why depressed boys fall for me because I don’t like no pussies bay. I got shit all figured in life and need someone to keep up not bring me down. So dissatisfying. Also if you are unhappy alone don’t think anyone can make you happy. 

When I was younger mother’s words of encouragement were, “You should eat her shit maybe then you would be half as smart as her”. This was mother’s tone and humor, of course all in a language so foreign it made me feel it louder than I could hear.  Well mother I got the message loud and clear…all I have to say few people should eat mine now I guess because I am the shit.

Possible interning for a photo-video productions studio that does high fashion advertising. They are willing to pay for my monthly metro card too and will see if I can get school credit. 

Stoked. Loving this life.

So brain dead.

Today after I finished editing the documentary, I just wandered around Harvard Square alone, talked on the phone with a friend and went shopping. I love the lovely alone time very much.


I am torn. I can graduate this upcoming fall if I want to. I miss home so much and am not really having an amazing time at school but also not sure what I am going home to. This is my last year in college and I am going to work my rest of my life, only four years here. What if next year ideal and really fun? Just not sure what I want.